How You Can Make $1,000 from Blogging This Month

This is probably one of the most asked questions in the field of blogging. No matter the niche, everyone is wondering, “How can I make money from blogging?” Am I right? When it comes to making money and blogging, so many people bloggers actually say that its difficult. This is totally misleading because it’s probably one of the EASIEST parts of blogging. On top of this, people don’t really give you the truth of how to make money from blogging.

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Literally, making money from blogging is almost effortless, if you are dedicated and passionate. So, no matter what stage of the game you are in, it is possible for anyone to make $1,000 this month from blogging. 

A Common False Premise

Have you ever come across an individual sharing their “Income Report” for the past month and were curious as to how they made their money? At first, I was curious as well. I use to spend hours searching up different blogger’s income reports to figure out what they were doing and I learned a couple of things.

Many new bloggers were “talking” about making money from blogging; however, NONE of them were making money FROM blogging. Many bloggers believe that FREELANCING or attaining income from a third-party is blogging income. Guess what, it is not! This post is meant to guide you to making money DIRECTLY from blogging. 

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Stashin’ and Cashin’

When it comes to making money DIRECTLY from your blog, there are hundreds upon hundreds of different sources. Many of my clients don’t realize how simple it is to develop a money-making blogging idea until an idea is presented to them.

The truth is, blogging is simply a form of art and science. There is a full-functioning and proven equation to making money. Before we can get to that, though let’s take a look at some of the proven methods to make money from blogging:

Affiliate Marketing

If you are wanting to generate $1,000 monthly from blogging, it will begin right here: affiliate marketing. Any blogger who has ever made massive amounts of money will attribute part of their financial freedom from affiliates. What is so magical about affiliates is how SIMPLE they really are. People have made them into these monsters that are supposed to be scary. The truth is, they are quite fun and entertaining. 

There are hundreds upon hundreds of companies and websites that offer affiliate-based services. Just to provide you an example, one of the most infamous in the affiliate industry today is: ShareASale. It hosts some of the most prestigious companies in the world. All it takes is finding ones within your niche and you will find massive success. For more information, click here!

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Influencer Marketing

This is a gem that many bloggers tend to keep behind the scene. Influencer marketing is the idea that a company will pay you to blog and mention their company or product inside of your post. Now, this does not mean you will be writing a review or anything like this. If you are clever, you can construct a post that is in alignment with your audience and carefully mention the company or product. Many bloggers can attest and attribute $500-$1000 per month just from this category. It truly depends upon how many followers you have currently. Don’t let this discourage you though, there are many companies that accept influencers regardless of view count.

Selling Your Personal Products

If you are wanting to make $1,000 off your website, there is something you should know. Many avenues that will produce money are either passive or percentages of the full amount. In other words, if you are an affiliate with Amazon, you will only make a base-percentage of a product. This is not to discourage you because you can easily make $2,000 off one product utilizing the Amazon Affiliates program.

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Now if you are not a fan of giving away a major portion, you could always develop your own personal product and sell it. The most common avenue that many bloggers tend to dive into is eBooks. These are gradually taking over the world by storm. In fact, eBooks are becoming so widely popular that even publishers are beginning to take eBooks more seriously. If you have something to write about, do it!

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The last extremely successful and proven method generate immense income in a month is through advertisements. There are multiple companies, not just Google, who offer their services to place advertisements on your website. You should become very aware of the companies that exist because some of them might provide better use to you. Now, the thing with advertisements is this: if your content is lacking or poor, your ads will under perform.

I talk about this more in my post: This is Why No One is Reading Your Blog

What you need to do is become educated how to use advertisements to your benefit. So many times, bloggers feed their entire website with advertisements and it actually scares away viewers. It's the truth! Plus, it's plain ugly.

The Hidden Secrets that Bloggers Don’t Share in Making $1,000 in One Month

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The 7-Step Equation to Make Money from Blogging

Now that you understanding more about the different avenues to making money through blogging, I am going to provide you with a top-secret equation that literally not many bloggers will outline for you. 

This is the 7-Step Equation to Make Money from Blogging

1) Develop a beautiful and stunning website with a SPECIFIC niche.

2) Subscribe for different affiliate programs and advertising programs.

3) Offer a gift to your readers to get them to subscribe.

4) Write interesting and trendy blogs.

5) Find products that match your brand and blog and advertise them within your post.

6) Market utilizing Facebook and Pinterest.

7) Rinse and Repeat for 30 days.

Let me ask you, now that you see this, is it really that hard? Now, you may be scuffing at a few concepts or ideas because you are confused. If you are wanting to make a difference and need some guidance, I can help you out! 

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