This is Why No One is Reading Your Blog

This is Why No One Is Reading Your Blog

Every blogger wants to succeed and make money online. Let’s be honest, who wants to work a 9-5 and listen to some ‘boss’ figure shout directions and dictate your schedule? No one! Now, I want to axe-off a couple of false premises that many bloggers, writers and authors have before we even get into the heart of this post. I don’t care how long you have been blogging, you can reach audiences greater than you ever imagined in less than 24 hours. Take this piece of advice – learn from those who are successful at what they are doing. You are not going to take blogging advice from someone who has ZERO views and makes ZERO dollars. You can’t or else you will be just like them. Hmm, maybe that is why you are here trying to fix your blog? Now, I am not calling you out, I just want you to think and reflect on your blog as a writer, blogger or author as read this article. At the end, I will provide some tips and tricks of the trade; however, if you want to learn all of the secrets, use the contact form and let me know what you need help with.

So, why is no one reading your blog?

Your Blog Posts are BORING

Let me tell you something REAL quick. As an author, writer, blogger and editor, if I find myself reading an article that is dryer than a military history book – I will leave that blog and never visit again. Now trust me, if I am noticing that the post is boring, so has other people. Think of boring blog posts as an automatic repellent towards success. Writing is an art and requires some level of relatability. If you can’t connect with your audience, the game is over. Learning the art is NOT hard though. People always make it seem as if it’s a task that takes years upon years. They LIE! You are capable of writing some of the best blogs in the world. What you need to do is learn how to do it.

Your Titles Are Invisible

What can be worse than a blog post that is boring? Well, a title that is causing readers to scroll in the opposite direction of your post. Let me let you in a little tip that I teach my clients: the human race does not like feeling they are being sold a product. If you are creating titles where you are attempting to sell a product, you should not be surprised the humans are looking in the opposite direction. Essentially, if your titles are not on point, your titles are merely invisible and your post will fail. Don’t fail any longer with awful titles – do some research and study the greatest in the industry. Study someone who is succeeding! If you need help as a blogger, feel free to use the contact form and I will help you drive the traffic you always wanted.

Your Content is Atrocious

Now, let’s be clear, I don’t often like to tell clients that their content is atrocious; however, this is a true reason why no one is reading your blog. If you are blogging about something that is completely irrelevant – should you be shocked that no one is reading it? I am sure YOU are guilty of this next statement – prepare yourself now. So many bloggers often believe that they should not blog about something because, “it’s already been done.” OH MY GOSH! Do you hear yourself?! Why do you think so many people are blogging about affiliate marketing, blogging tips, self-publishing, self-help, food, travel – they are all talking about the SAME EXACT THINGS! I don’t care if it has already been done – if it has been done and it was successful, DO WHAT THEY ARE DOING! It is not that hard. A + B does equal C in this equation.

If you want to develop some of the BEST content in the game, check out these fan-favorites!

Your Attitude is Repelling Success

I am a huge advocate that your success as a blogger, writer, author – ANYTHING, is a pure result of your attitude. I can look at a bloggers website or an author’s book and pinpoint their success or failure based on a five-minute conversation with them. So many people repeat these thoughts:

I am so jealous that they are getting so many views and I am not.
My blog is just so ugly and I don’t know what to do.
Is my content even good?
I am an awful writer.
I was never good with web design.
I will NEVER make money doing this. I am SO stressed out and overwhelmed.
This is tiring just typing it! If you are repeating of these thoughts then your attitude MUST CHANGE. I always guide my clients to fix their attitudes and change their perceptions before they begin writing new article or the same results will keep occurring. It is not hard to begin making the conscious change but if your attitude is poor, it will reflect in your writing and be a repellent towards your success.

Your Missed Some Art Classes

The last thing to take into consideration is, well, let me ask. Did you miss any art classes in school? I see SO many blogs that are EXTREMELY hard to look at. I mean, I have seen it all. For an example, one client had a website where the colors clashed, the text was extraordinarily small, or large, and the graphics were difficult to see unless you squinted your eyes. If you are causing your reader to go through some intense and trippy eye exams, you should not be surprised that no one is visiting your website. These are all factors that VIBRATE towards readers. The truth is, I can sense whether or not a website is even WORTH visiting based on descriptions, titles and all the other fun jazz. So, now, don’t be upset if you feel your website looks ugly. That’s okay, and kind of normal. What is not normal is to allow it to stay that way. If you need help figuring out what needs to be fixed on your website, use my contact form and I will gladly run down my list of services with you.

A Few Tips and Tricks of the Trade

As I mentioned before, I will provide you with a few tips and tricks of the trade; however, if you are seeking more personal help and direction, please don’t hesitate to message me using the contact form. I will gladly offer my services and prices. My intention is to help all of you reach a level of success you’ve dreamt of. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to be a Witty One!

Tip #1: Get Clear. What is your intention? What is your niche?

If you are unclear as to what your intention is or your niche – you blog will always remain the same: unseen and unread.

Tip #2: Study other successful bloggers, writers and authors

Must I say ANYTHING more on this topic? I can’t stress this enough!

Tip #3: Take a course in whatever field you need help in.

If you are running into brick walls and can’t seem to find your way around the blogging world or writing world – TAKE ACTION. Find a course or find a consultant and begin learning the trade. In many cases their rates are reasonable and are willing to work with you.

Tip #4: Learn to INTRIGUE your readers. Figure out what your readers like to know.

Now, you may be asking how you can learn your readers if you don’t have any viewers. Well, this is a tip that I dive into with my clients. Without giving too much secrets out – begin to look at other bloggers in your niche. Again, if you don’t know your niche, how can you succeed? Do you see how they all mesh together?

Tip #5: Learn to use Social Media to your benefit.

The time that you spend randomly looking at pictures on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest is such a waste of time. It seems very high schooler-like typing that. If you want to be successful, stop your addiction to the unconscious mindset and feeding the ego with Facebook posts, Snapchats or Instagram pictures. For every minute you are doing that, you could have been re-pinning, studying your niche, or participating in Facebook groups to begin spreading the message about your blog. Those who are successful often 
don’t waste their time on Social Media anymore.

Tip #6: Subscribe to become a Witty One and receive a special gift that will help you on your blogging and writing journey! You will not be disappointed! 

OWN Your Success.

You are responsible for your own success. So, OWN it. Don’t sit back and make excuses to why you are not successful as a blogger, writer or author. The only TRUE reason you are not successful is because of you. If you are taking tips and pointers from those who are in the same boat as you, are you really wondering why you are not cruising with viewers and money? Don’t be silly – OWN your success today. If you want to own it and take control but need some help along the way – that is okay too! People equate help with weakness; however, it is those who seek help that succeed.

If you are seeking any assistance as a writer, blogger or author, PLEASE use the contact form and let me know what is happening. Feel free to comment below and share with me your tips on how you found success as a blogger, writer or author.

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