Winning with Money Book Review

Winning with Money 
Book Review
By Aaron Coleman


One of my most recent reviews to be published is Winning with Money by Aaron Coleman. This is a super easy and quick read for anyone seeking to whip their financial situation into the positive numbers. For this review, please head to the link below at Luxury Readings for the full review.

Money can be an extremely sensitive topic for people. This can be partly attributed to the negative connotation of money due to social conditioning. Now, in many cases, those who attribute a negative connotation towards money often lack one of the most vital tools in the world to ‘Win with Money’: a budget. This message is at the core of Aaron Coleman’s book, Winning with Money: Simplify Your Financial Life.

Coleman puts forth that there are dozens of different budgetary techniques in the world and, for many people, they often haven’t found one that works. In fact, many people often complain that they are living paycheck to paycheck or finding themselves struggling with debt. Through a proper monetary budgeting plan, one can easily take control of their life and begin to see the numbers rise instead of fall.

In my opinion, with a degree in Economics, this book is clearly for the individual who does not know the basics of budgeting or is maybe seeking to exploring financial planning. So, if you a financial guru or understand the more complex concepts of financial planning and investments, skip this book. With that being said, I can truly say that this book is one of the best reads for anyone seeking to learn the basics of financial planning and budgeting. The Winning with Money theory or budget plan is quite simple yet can be transformative for anyone who uses it. It’s so simple and plainly put that anyone, regardless of age or experience, can employ it and, if done properly, begin to see results in their life.

One of my favorite aspects of this book is towards the end of the book where Coleman dives into different areas of financial planning that are often not talked about in budgets: healthcare, emergency funds, and investments....

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