This Is Why Your Book Is NOT Selling

This Is Why Your Book Is NOT Selling!

It is safe to say that self-publishing is no longer a trend but rather a respected publishing avenue. In fact, numerous traditional publishing companies are beginning to discover some of the biggest authors from self-publishing. It is extremely exciting to self-publish your own short-story or book. After days, weeks or months of writing, your next thought is getting the book into the hands of the readers. In many author’s cases, after a month or so of publishing their book, they have not received one sale. While this can be devastating, the truth is, there is probably a reason why. What I have learned is that there are five CLEAR reasons why your self-published book is most-likely not selling. My intention is to guide you and raise your awareness with these reasons and new ideas to start bringing in some sales.

Your Book Cover

When it comes to self-publishing your book, your book cover is one of the driving forces towards your sales. If you are not seeing any sales, take a look at your book cover. Does it look like someone can make it on Microsoft Word? If so, stop in your tracks and hire someone. In my interview with Lizzie Dunalp, a self-published author, she makes it a point to talk about the importance of book covers. For literally less than $25, you can order a brilliant and high-quality book cover from Fiverr. Don’t make the mistake that thousands have done – get a high-quality book cover.

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What is your price-point?

I know you want to make money but if your book is unreasonably priced, you will never see sales. If you are brand new author charging $21.99 for a book, you can expect ZERO sales. You need to build your reputation as an author and begin receiving reviews. I know you want to make residuals off of your story. We all do! It’s important to know though, people are more inclined to buy eBooks that are priced under the $7.99 marker. As you begin to publish more and build a name for yourself, you can then begin to look at your pricing scale. So, if your book is over-priced that is the CLEAR reason why your self-published book is not selling.

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Poor Quality

If there are grammatical, punctuation or plot errors in your story, you should not be surprised that your book is not selling. If you were a reader and found multiple errors in a story, do you really think you are going to read it? When a publishing company works with authors, there is a reason why it takes months to produce one book. There is much planning to be done, editing and formatting. There are no shortcuts to getting your book published quickly – don’t even think about short-cuts. Think about quality and insuring that you are getting the best feedback possible. You may want to consider hiring an analysis editor for your project. This is a major reason why your self-published book might not be selling.

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Your Attitude is a Reflection

In my opinion, this is a key indicator to how successful a story is going to be: the author’s attitude and belief in the story. I have discussed with many authors their confidence in their story and have heard such awful responses. If your attitude is poor and lack belief in your story, you should not be surprised that no one wants to buy your book. In order to even begin the route towards a profit from your book, you need to realize your attitude is a pure reflection of your sales. Once you begin to shift your perspective towards gratitude and trust, the magic will happen. You will wake up one day and find that your book sold five times what you expected.

What is your book about?

Many times, self-published books that don’t sell are too broad or quite random. One of the benefits of working with a publishing company is that they understand every single market, audience and niche. If you have no knowledge, it’s important to do your research and see what is out there. For an example, a book about freshwater fishing may not sell as well in comparison to a book about fresh water fishing in rivers with live bait. Take the time to look at the angle of your story and find out if it is specific enough for a market and audience.

Secret Tip #6: Your Marketing Campaign is Lacking

I have met so many authors that complained that their self-published book was not selling. That is why you are here, right? Now, I understand that it is frustrating but if your marketing campaign is non-existent, should you be surprised? There are DOZENS of different methods to getting your book out there. All you need to do is research and make it happen. For an example, have you done any of these yet?

· Join Facebook groups?

- Any reviews of your book? (I offer book review services as well, please use the contact form for more information!)

· Given your book for free for reviews?

· Join Google+?

· Done the Amazon Advertising Program?

· Use Facebook Advertising?

· Promoted on Pinterest?

· Called local book stores?

Do you see, there are dozens! That was only 7! Selling your story is SO MUCH EASIER than you are making it to be. Don't listen to the masses complaining. Create your own lane and go!

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It is OKAY!

I think one of the most important things to realize is that it is OKAY if your book is not selling right now. If your self-published book is not selling, there is a reason and you have been lead here. These reasons are meant to make you think and reflect on your story and discover the truth behind your question. The goal now is to learn from the reasons and begin to make a difference. What can you do now? Well, as writer and author, it is always a learning process and you need to accept that. If you are seeking assistance as an author or writer, use the contact form to Work With Me! I will help you get your stories out there and teach you everything you need to know. Don't waste your time any longer. Begin to shift your attitude and perspective. There is a magic in writing a book and you need to tune into that magic. Once you do, the book will sell, the positive reviews will come in, and you will be well on your way to your next successful story.

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